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Constance Chao

As Media Plus director and with a solid background in working with the media for many years, Constance is passionate about understanding each client’s individual needs and concerns so that she can prescribe the perfect media solution for each one.
She avidly seeks important information about a broad range of topics and industries to create a knowledge base from which to draw. With her broad interests and relentless curiosity, Constance keeps her finger on the pulse of the trends in an ever-changing marketplace. Let Constance unleash this strong mix of attributes and provide your company great service for all your media needs.


Media Plus Communications & Consulting Co.

In 1996, Media Plus's first office was founded in Taipei. After years of projects to help international clients strengthen their footprint across Greater China, our first Media Plus office in China was founded in Shanghai in 2017. With a wealth of experience bridging the cultural divide between global expectations and regional practice, Media plus is well-positioned to help clients succeed in the Greater China region and North Asia.

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Constance Chao